XOA CLI Documentation

The XOA CLI provides a straightforward and intuitive set of text-based language independent commands that allow users to control and integrate Xena’s Ethernet TGA and network emulation equipment. It enables automation of various testing tasks. Any client platform can be used (e.g., Python, Tcl, Bash) with XOA CLI.

CLI can be used from a telnet terminal, where you can send the commands directly to the Xena tester.

ValkyrieManager conveniently stores test port configurations (.xpc file) in the XOA CLI format, facilitating smooth transitions between a ValkyrieManager environment and a XOA CLI environment. This compatibility ensures seamless interchangeability and user-friendly experience.

The seamless interaction between ValkyrieManager and XOA CLI accelerates your scripting learning curve, letting you get more done quicker as complex test port configurations can easily be defined in ValkyrieManager, and then exported to a text-based configuration file, which in turn can be cut & pasted into your scripting tool environment.