Xena OpenAutomation Test Configuration Converter#

Xena OpenAutomation (XOA) Test Configuration Converter is a supporting tool for users to quickly migrate their Valkyrie test suite configurations into XOA.

Xena’s test suite applications have only been for Windows platform for a long time. Moving forward, all of Xena’s existing and future test suites will be included in Xena OpenAutomation, which is not limited to Windows anymore. To help users easily migrate their existing Windows test suite configurations ( .v2544 for Valkyrie2544, .v2889 for Valkyrie2889, .v3918 for Valkyrie3918, and .v1564 for Valkyrie1564) into XOA, we have developed this test configuration converter.

The Xena OpenAutomation Test Configuration Converter Documentation provides information about how to install the Python package, and how to use the converter.

The target audience of this document is test specialists who develop and run automated test scripts/programs using Xena TGA hardware and software. Users of this document should have the following knowledge and experience:

  • Ability to program with Python language.

  • Familiarity with the operating system of your development environment.

  • Familiarity with Xena test equipment.

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