Xena OpenAutomation CLI Command Documentation#

This documentation provides a comprehensive guide to using the Xena OpenAutomation CLI, including installation instructions, usage examples, and a detailed reference guide to all available commands. The documentation is organized by command and includes detailed descriptions of each command, along with usage examples and expected output.

In addition to the command reference, the Xena Networks website also provides other resources for learning about and using the XOA platform, including user guides, tutorials, and code examples. The Xena Networks community forum is also a valuable resource for getting help and support with the XOA CLI and other Xena products.

Overall, the XOA CLI command documentation provides a wealth of information for network engineers and developers who are interested in managing Xena test equipment and automating network testing tasks using the command line. With its comprehensive command reference and usage examples, the documentation can help users get up and running quickly and efficiently with the XOA CLI.

The target audience of this document is test specialists who develop and run automated test scripts using Xena test equipment. Users of this document should have the following knowledge and experience:

  • Familiarity with the operating system of the development environment.

  • Familiarity with Xena test equipment.

  • Working knowledge of data communications theory and practice.